5 Creative Ways To Sell Your Land Online

Are you considering trying to sell your land online?  With so many listings out there, you might be wondering how you can compete versus everyone else in your market trying to sell their land online.  We are giving you 5 creative ways to sell your land online so your parcel will shine bright in a sea of listings and finally find a buyer!

Selling land is a challenge.  Many people are hoping to attract just a few land buyers to THEIR property in hopes that one will buy it.  If you are selling a parcel of land, you might be wondering how to effectively get your listing to stand out?  How will you entice people to check out YOUR property and not someone else’s land?

You need to get creative  in marketing your land online that gets the attention of potential land buyers. See below for 5 creative ways to sell your land online.

#1. Create a land selling website 

It’s not enough to just post your land on sites like Craigslist.  Rather, put together a simple, inexpensive website to showcase your property.  Free/inexpensive website builders include Wix, Weebly, and Jimdo to name a few.  You will want to include photos (and video if possible), detailed location information that makes it easy to find, your contact information and price.

#2. Social media posts

If you use social media, put your network to work by sharing that you have land for sale.  Let everyone know about your land and ask them to share it with their network of people they know.  By having friends share with their friends who share with their friends, you can quickly put your land in front of a lot of eyes and have a better chance of selling your land fast.

#3. Have fun with it!

Land is not very interesting to some people.  Find a creative angle to make it fun as you market your land to others.  What is an interesting hook that would get people talking about your property?  Does it have a tranquil brook running through it?  Does it have a great view of a famous mountain?  Has someone famous been there?  Find something that will make your land stand out.

#4. Sell it with something else

Instead of just selling your land itself, why not sell a very expensive turnip…and throw in the land as a free bonus?  People may not give a parcel of land a second look but a five figure turnip with free land is a silly way to get people’s attention and get people to buy your land!

#5. Shoot a video

People love video.  More and more all the time.  Try shooting a video of your land and post in on YouTube to showcase what your land looks like.  Videos are helpful because people can see your land as you tell them about it.  Consider putting your family in the video or demonstrating how people might be able to enjoy the property themselves!  No fancy equipment needed…just get out your cell phone and get creative.

Sometimes land can seem boring so find ways to get creative to sell your land. And if that doesn’t work or if you don’t have time to get creative then you can always just sell your land to us at Turbo Land Offers. We’ll give you a fair cash price right away.

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