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Owning vacant land is pretty easy – it doesn’t take much effort. But when you want to sell, that can be a vastly different. Do you own land and wonder, “How do I sell my Tennessee land to a developer”? At Turbo Land Offers, we get that question so we wrote this blog post to help answer it for you…

First, it’s important to know what developers are looking for

A developer wants to be able to build on a parcel and sell it, so they’re likely looking for property that is close to infrastructure and utilities (like water, sewer, electric, natural gas, internet and roads). After all, they’ll need to connect these services to their development and they’ll want people to get to their development!

It’s okay if the land isn’t serviced but developers will want to find out how far away services are and whether those utilities services are being actively worked on and expanded.

Second, you may want to bypass the real estate agent

Many real estate agents tend to work with residential buyers looking to buy a house. If you’re wondering “How do I sell my land to a developer?” you should try to find someone with a  specialty in selling land to commercial businesses. (Alternatively, you might consider getting in touch with us to buy your land from you – we’re not developers but we do buy land).

Third, be aware of zoning when wondering “How Do I Sell My Land To A Developer?”

Developers plan to build on a property, which may include subdividing and doing additional work to the land. They’ll want to know the zoning of your property so they can anticipate the work requirements to build. Naturally zoning can often be changed but zoning changes will just delay their timeline and workflow so it’s helpful for developers to know from the beginning how the land is zoned.  If you are unsure of your zoning, contact your local zoning department.

Fourth, be aware of the direction of new construction

This one is harder for land owners to know upfront but if you’re wondering, “How do I sell my Tennessee land to a developer?” this will be an important question the developer is thinking about: If your land is outside a city then a developer will probably want to know if the city is growing or plans to grow in the direction of your land. (Its okay if the city is not growing toward your land, but developers will still want to know). You don’t have to know the answer to this question but if you do, that will be helpful to developers.

Selling raw land to a developer can be challenging because it’s a very different kind of buyer. But if you’re wondering, how do i sell my land to a developer, then these four tips should help you.

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