How to sell your Land Quickly in Tennessee without any Hassle

Are you worried on how to sell your land quickly in Tennessee without any hassle?

In this article I’ll provide some ways you can begin looking at to selling your land more quickly.

There are many reasons people need to sell their land fast.

For example, some of these reasons may include:

  • no longer want to build your dream home on the land
  • vacant property is being a burden on you
  • divorce
  • financial hardship
  • you inherited land that you don’t want to keep
  • … among other reasons for needing to sell your land

So, if you’re looking to sell your land quickly (which who wants to sell their land slowly anyway?)… check out some of my tips below in this short article.

Leverage The Internet To Get The Word Out

Stats have shown that over 80% of real estate buyers go to the web first to research and find land.

So if your land isn’t on the internet… how are buyers going to find out about the land you have for sale?

There are lots of ways to list your land on the web. You can list it on websites like Zillow, Redfin, ForSaleByOwner, Fizber, Craigslist… or even setup your own simple website for the property.

Then, take that property listing and get it everywhere online that you can. List it on all of the classifieds websites (again, Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle, etc.).

Total Cost: FREE – Cheap (most routes are free, but some of these sites have paid versions)

Use Facebook To Spread The Word About Your Tennessee Land For Sale

One of the best ways to sell land is through word of mouth and Facebook is a great place to do that.

Tell all of your friends and family that you’re selling your land… and have them tell everyone they know.

Also, hop on your Facebook account and post it on Facebook Marketplace. Also share the property listing with your friends and ask them to spread the word for you to all of their friends who may be interested. What you need to do is simply send your link to your Facebook friends.

Besides, you may also get a friend who may link you up with a buyer. The importance of using Facebook over other social networks is that it is free and you only need to be connected to the internet in your computer.

Total Cost:  FREE

Get Your Land On The Local MLS

One big place buyers look for land is the “multiple listing service”. That’s the fancy name for where land goes when real estate agents “list” land.

A listing for your land will go into a central database that all local real estate agents in the area will have access to… so they can bring their buyers to the land on the MLS that fit what they’re looking for.

Please note…You can get your land on the MLS without hiring a real estate agent to sell your land.  Some agents will let you pay a few hundred bucks to just list your land on the MLS for you and take no commission when it sells. Fizber also offers a flat fee MLS listing option.

Sell Your Land To A Reputable Local Property Buyer Like Turbo Land Offers

Last, as another option to sell your land… if you really need to sell your Tennessee land quickly… and don’t have the time or money to use the marketing tips above… you may want to consider getting an offer from a local land buyer like our company, Turbo Land Offers.

We buy land in Tennessee and can close quickly.

If you want to sell your land and are curious on how the process works… and want to see what we can pay you for your land… you can get the ball rolling in a couple ways.

  1. Give us a call today at (844) 558-6880: We’ll ask some basic questions about your land… and within 72 hours we’ll make you an offer on your land. No Obligation at all. If the price works for you. Great! We can close in as little as 14 days.
  2. Go fill out this really short and simple form with your basic land info: We’ll evaluate the property as soon as we get it today… then we’ll call you with a formal offer on your land in less than 72 hours.

It’s really simple.  You pay no fees. No commissions.

We just agree on a price that works for both of us and that’s all it takes.

Let us make you an offer on your Tennessee land. You don’t have anything to lose.  And you can have your land sold in a couple of weeks (if you wanted us to close that fast) rather than having to wait months and months to market your land yourself the traditional way.

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