What Chances Do I Have When Selling My Land on Craigslist in Tennessee

When we need to sell something, where’s one place we usually turn? Craigslist, of course. But in instead of a car or an old bookcase, you have land for sale. So you’re most likely asking this question: “What chances do I have when selling my land on Craigslist in Tennessee?”

What are your chances, then? Well, they can be pretty good actually. After all, Craigslist gets 50 billion page views every single month-that’s a lot of views. But you have to put together some critical elements of your ad exactly right.

What Chances Do I Have When Selling My Land on Craigslist in Tennessee


Eighty percent of people will read the headline of a piece of website content, but only twenty percent will go on to read the rest. In addition, a whopping sixty percent of social media users who share a link never actually read the article whose link they shared. The point? You simply have to get your Craigslist headline for your ad exactly right.

You need to write a compelling headline, but you should never lie about your land or exaggerate its features. One effective tactic is to use numbers, especially odd numbers. Here’s an example: “5 Reasons You Should Check Out My Unrestricted Land in Tennessee (Hint: Number 3 Is Five Minutes From Shopping)”  Just make sure you give them a reason to take the next step and click to open the ad.


Now, in the body, you have to follow through on the promises you hinted at or made in the headline. Just keep it simple-less is more, using brief paragraphs, lots of space, and lists where appropriate.  And, of course, don’t make the mistake of using poor grammar or run-on sentences or misspellings – it is a turn-off for folks. People often judge the quality of the ad copy with the quality of the item for sale.

Also, make sure you include all the relevant keywords your target shoppers might be searching for. Craigslist serves up ads based on what people type into the search bar. If you feel that your ad isn’t getting the traffic it should, try experimenting with a variety of phrases. Change the text and try some different keywords in different places.


Pictures are just as important as the actual ad copy for selling vacant land on Craigslist. Most people, though, make the images too large, which not only looks unprofessional but makes the page take longer to load. Most people just hit the back button if a page’s loading time is too long. Think about how you operate on the internet.

Take pictures of the entire property, not just select parts of it. Be sure to take photos from different angles and make sure there are blue sunny skies in the background – don’t take your photos on a cloudy day if you can help it. If you have the ability try a panoramic shot or a 360 degree image. Video is always a plus at helping people feel like they have been there. If there is a special feature, take a photo just of that.

If you use a digital camera, make sure not to leave the date and time stamp in the bottom right corner of the image. Besides giving it a slipshod, amateurish look, it also dates the picture, which can be a drawback if the land sits on the market for any length of time.

Posting Times

Many Craigslist experts advise posting an ad between 10:00 am and noon on weekdays. After 5:00 pm on weekdays also works well (which is what I would do if I were selling my land in Tennessee on Craiglist – in order to present a fresh ad to all those shoppers browsing Craigslist right after they get home from work.) And if you wait until the weekend, morning is the recommended posting time.

Selling my land in Tennessee on Craigslist? It’s a real possibility if done right. But if on the other hand, you don’t want to bother with all that after all, we have a much easier solution for you.


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